The city of Seto is in a hill about 20km north east from Nagoya, which lies in the center of Japan. The city has 1300 years of history and tradition as ceramic industry.
Being into the new century, Seto aims at extension of new technology and industries cherishing tradition.
Also, the first international EXPO in this century will be held in this district in 2005.

Path called "Kamagakinokomichi"

"Kamagakinokomichi" is a path that is decorated with walls and fences of ceramic –making tools.

Pottery Clay and Silica Sand Mining Field

Called the Grand Canyon in Seto, the mine has long supported ceramic industry in Seto.

Huge Ceramic Wall "Fureai"

A great ceramic wall of 101 meters long is based on original pictures painted by local primary and junior high school students.

Traditional Kiln called "Noborigama"
and inside of it.

"Noborigama" is a traditional climbing kiln which is multi-chambered.

Pottery with "Oribe Glaze"

"Oribe" is deep green colored pottery glazed with copper oxide.

Setomono Fesitival

In the most popular event of the festival, more than three hundred street shops sell ceramic products.

Sometsuke China

Sometsuke China is deeply blue-designed by cobalt oxide.